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Yearly Archives: 2011

Recyclables: Which Are Naughty And Which Are Nice

Penn Waste is making a list, checking it twice, and wants their customers to know which holiday decorations and packaging are naughty or nice!

Penn Waste, a leader in the waste and recycling industries in South Central Pennsylvania which focuses on innovative, sustainable, and environmentally-friendly practices, suggests the holidays are not the time to slack off recycling. Here is a friendly reminder for everyone regarding which materials are and are not acceptable recyclables. Read more…

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Buying Locally: Trend or Tradition?

“Buying locally” used to be a trendy catch phrase that caught on during the same time the “green initiative” became popular. Fortunately, buying locally is no longer just a feel-good matter. It offers communities a chance to come together and support each other for the common good. Read more…

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Do Not Put Hot Ashes in Your Trash

Tis’ the season for burning fires! Now that fall is here and the cooler air is rolling in, many people are heading outdoors to sit around a camp fire or their fire pit. Penn Waste would like to remind everyone to please make sure there are NO hot ashes going into your trash! This is a hazard to our employees and everyone around our trucks. Ashes that are still hot can cause an entire trash load to go up in flames. This causes our drivers to risk their lives while attempting to discard their garabage load in the middle of the street or a parking lot so the entire truck does not catch on fire. Read more…

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At Penn Waste, our number one priority is always safety. Since we’re currently experiencing one of the worst floods the South Central Pennsylvania region has seen in a while, we think it would be appropriate to review some safety tips for dealing with floods. Read more…

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Grasscycling & Yard Waste

Anyone who has ever mowed a lawn knows how much of a pain it is to bag grass clippings. We convince ourselves that our lawn looks more pristine without the dead clippings lying on top and that our lawn will be healthier if we take the extra time to bag the grass. We spend countless hours lugging around a renewable resource that could just as easily be recycled rather than wasted. Read more…

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