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Hear What Our Customers Say About Penn Waste Inc

The entire Penn Waste Inc team values the lasting relationships we have created with our clients and partners.
Read on to hear what they say about Penn Waste Inc.

They have always been helpful and courteous.

I have used Penn Waste Services for about 10 years, and have not had one complaint of their service. They have always been on time to pick up my garbage. Everyone I have come into contact with has always been helpful and courteous. My representative, Mona Mondo, is friendly and takes a real interest in the way I am being treated. Penn Waste has everything my business needs in a waste removal company. Hill Top Upholstery

They have been extremely responsive…

Penn Waste Inc has been our waste removal company since 2007. They have been extremely responsive to my needs whenever any problems would crop up. They regularly check in to make sure our dumpsters are in excellent condition. They also helped set up our in-house recycling program. Richard Halpin, Facilities Manager
135 N. George Street Associates

…the service has been nothing but great.

I would like to take the time to compliment you (Mona Mondo) and Penn Waste for exceptional service. Since we met a while back, the service has been nothing but great. We received a new waste container, and it is picked up regularly as scheduled. I don’t ever have to worry about calling and requesting a pick up. There are many things I have to worry about in the waste industry, I’m very happy that Penn Waste is not one of them. It has been a pleasure working with you, and I hope to continue our relationship in the future. John Horner, Field Service Chemist
Ecoflo, Inc.

…bringing us easier ways to recycle, especially with the Green & Single Stream program.

I have been employed with Hogg Construction as Office Manager for six years. During this time, I have contracted with Penn Waste for our waste and recyclable materials removal and I have been very happy with their service. Mona Mondo has been quite helpful in bringing us easier ways to recycle, especially with the Green & Single Stream program. She takes the time to periodically stop by the office to personally check out the dumpster containers to be sure they are clean and in good condition. I would highly recommend Penn Waste Inc as they are willing to take the time to discuss ways of helping a company save time and money, while doing something good for the earth! Dorothy Newcomer, Office Manager
Hogg Construction

They have always provided us with excellent service…

Penn Waste has provided the Southwestern Regional Police Department with waste removal since September 2003. They have always provided us with excellent service, and have quickly answered any questions or additional requests we have required. I can confidently recommend Penn Waste as a solid and reliable waste management company. Velda Nickell, Police Administrator
Southwestern Regional Police Department

I want to express my appreciation for your excellent service…

I want to express my appreciation for your excellent service to our church and school family. We appreciate the manner in which your employees take care of the collection of our waste and keep our property looking good. Dr. Allen Harris, Pastor/Administrator
Hope Baptist Church

…no matter what kind of weather, our waste receptacle is always emptied…

I have dealt with Penn Waste for about four years or so, and in that time have experienced a very good working relationship with the company and its representatives. It seems no matter what kind of weather, our waste receptacle is always emptied on time.

We have recently started to recycle and are amazed at the different types of recyclable items your company will take. It’s great. Our contact keeps us updated on new programs and has supplied us with the materials regarding recycling and other services.

Thank you for caring, and continue to do what you are doing to make our facility more efficient in helping the environment. Harold Smith, Facilities Manager
Eastminster, Presbyterian Church

…employees of Penn Waste have consistently delivered outstanding customer service…

It is my pleasure to recommend the service of Penn Waste. We’ve been a Penn Waste customer for more than ten years. In that time, employees of Penn Waste have consistently delivered outstanding customer service. Donald J. Dusich, Chief Financial Officer
Jack Giambalvo Motor Company, Inc.

Your drivers are professional and courteous…

Just a quick note to let you know how much we appreciate the excellent service your company provides to our organization. We have enjoyed prompt regular pick-up of our shop wastes without any issues for several years now. Your drivers are professional and courteous, always taking care to place the container carefully and safely at our loading dock despite the many obstacles that often stage there. The containers are always in good condition and are replaced promptly if defects are found. Your service helps Garrod Hydraulics to maintain the neat and clean image which is so vitally important in the Hydraulic Repair business and is expected from our customers. Wesley E. Garrod, President & CEO
Garrod Hydraulics, Inc.

…Penn Waste have been there for me…

The sluggish economy has forced all businesses to dig deep to find the most efficient and cost-effective methods to do business. Thankfully, you (Mona Mondo) and Penn Waste have been there for me and for ForSight Vision from maintaining our day to day business to responding to all of those special requests.

We will continue to contract with Penn Waste because you offer the most important ingredient in a business relationship — Great Customer Service! Carl L. Hosier, Director of Operations
ForSight Vision

I wanted to extend a note of thanks and appreciation for the support…

About 6 weeks ago I contacted Penn Waste Inc regarding an issue of the placement of the recycle bin in the middle of the driveway causing a safety issue. Since that time the can has been placed to the side where it’s placed for pickup. I wanted to extend a note of thanks and appreciation for the support. I realize the issue probably seems petty but I can assure you the concern is legitimate. Thanks again and please pass along to the service personnel. Chris
Dillsburg, PA

He is always very friendly, some mornings even coming down my driveway to help pull the cans up…

I just want to take a minute to praise my regular trash collector. Our regular pickup day is Monday and he usually comes by my house around 8am. I am always “that woman”, you know, the one running out the door and chasing down the trash truck. He is always very friendly, some mornings even coming down my driveway to help pull the cans up. My driveway is a very steep incline to the road. He always has a smile on his face and a moment to chat even when he is running behind. I commend him on being so friendly and personable. He has excellent customer service skills. I hope he is recognized for his hard work and dedication. Candy
Peach Bottom, PA

We appreciate the service that you provide…

Very good job, your workers are very efficient and timely. We appreciate the good service that you provide Juanita
Central Pennsylvania

Your guys are the unsung heroes of the neighborhood…

We LOVE Penn Waste! Always prompt. Always careful. Your guys are the unsung heroes of the neighborhood! If it is raining, they turn the recycle bins upside down so they don’t collect water. The trash can lids are never in the street…they are always placed back on the property so they don’t get damaged. Every Tuesday morning, when we are still in bed, we hear them down at the bottom of our driveway, hard at work. Always on time, always reliable. They truly are in our prayers. We love Penn Waste and its workers! Mary and David
Central Pennsylvania

…What great ambassadors I believe they are for your company…

I wanted to extend my sincere thanks to your employees responsible for the trash collection in our neighborhood. My son, whose 3 1/2, is completely fascinated by your truck and team who operate it. It’s without fail; he either stands at our front door or at the end of our driveway every Monday or Thursday to greet your driver. And the best part, your employees share and embrace his enthusiasm with a wave, honk, and most recently an official “Penn Waste” t-shirt. While I don’t know your employees by name; I’d like to pass along what great ambassadors I believe they are for your company. Jason
York, PA

What perfect service…

Yesterday, in the rain, I watched the men go by. And, the gentleman hoisting up the toters made a specific point to close the lid on all of them. At this time, I realized that on a previous day, which was sunny, all of the toters’ lids were open. What perfect service-open in the sun to air them out, and closed in the rain so they don’t fill with water! Please send a thank you to those hard, and considerate, workers. Nathalie
York, PA

Our kids love to see them every week…

Your guys do a great job. Always leave the cans upright and NEVER leave a mess. They are always friendly and wave. Our kids love to see them every week as they always say hi and talk to them. I couldn’t ask for more. Jason
Central Pennsylvania

Thank You for the extra effort…

I would like to say “Great Job” to your crew who walked up my driveway to get my recycle bin by the side of our house. They carried it down and emptied it. Thank You for the extra effort! Mark
Central Pennsylvania

…shows character in the persons that you hire…

IMPRESSED!! I just witnessed one of your refuse collection gentleman take the time and effort to ensure the job was done properly. He took the time to get the remaining items out of the trash can. He also made it a point to place the can back in an orderly fashion, and not just throw it to the ground. To me this shows character in the persons that you hire. I am very appreciative of the respect he gave to my property. Please pass this on to your workers, they are doing a GREAT job!! Bobbie
Etters, PA

More than trash service…

I wanted to take time to inform you of a very noble, true American your company employees. As I was driving to work yesterday a trash truck was making its way down Ross Ave in New Cumberland. I saw something flapping near the rear of the truck. As I got closer to the truck I identified the object as an old, faded American flag. It appears that someone tossed out the flag and your employee chose to remove it from the trash. Not only did he choose to the rescue the American flag, he carried it proudly in his hand as he finished his route. I would be proud to have this employee as a friend, coworker, or neighbor. It truly proves good people still exist today. Please express my gratitude towards a great employee and a TRUE American. Aaron
Central Pennsylvania