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Monthly Archives: September 2019

Safe Disposal of Toilets

Toilets may not be something you initially think of as being a safety hazard to our team members but they are when not placed at the curb properly! In the last few weeks, we’ve seen an influx of cracked or broken toilets being placed curbside. They are collected as trash but we would like to encourage all of our residents to either place them out in two pieces (as shown in the photo below) or sit the cracked pieces out separately. Please do not place any cracked pieces back together so the toilet is sitting curbside looking as if it is not broken. Toilets should be placed curbside in two pieces when disposing of them – the tank and the seat should be taken apart.

We’ve had multiple instances where our team members pick up a toilet and the cracked, porcelain pieces fall apart as they are loading it into the truck. Broken porcelain is extremely sharp and toilets are dirty. These incidents have resulted in lacerations to our team members legs requiring stitches.

As always, thanks for helping us keep our team members safe!


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