Waste and Recycling Safety Tips

Your Safety Is Our Top Priority!


Safety is our top priority at Penn Waste. Our entire team, from our drivers to the men and women who staff the recycling center, is committed to waste and recycling safe operating practices.

Penn Waste representatives are out in the community each and every day. Each Penn Waste team member is thoroughly and regularly trained in the latest safety practices and provided the most up-to-date equipment.

Safety Tips

Below are some tips to help ensure your safety when you come into contact with a Penn Waste waste or recycling vehicle.

  • Slow Down
    When approaching a truck, slow down and stop if necessary to allow the workers to complete their job.
  • Look for Workers
    Workers are frequently getting on and off the truck. Be sure to look for workers before attempting to pass a truck.
  • Check for Traffic
    Be sure to check for traffic approaching from the opposite direction before proceeding around the truck.
  • Avoid Distractions
    Avoid distractions like eating, texting, changing the radio station or talking on your cell phone when maneuvering near a waste and recycling truck.
  • Stay Back At Least One Car Length
    Leave distance between you and the collection vehicle. This will ensure nothing can fly out of the back of the truck onto your vehicle while the truck is in operation.

Safety Resources

Watch the Video: Slow Down to Get Around