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Monthly Archives: January 2022

Collection Update – Monday, January 17th

Due to poor road conditions, all Penn Waste routes (with the exception of City of Lancaster) are being canceled for today, Monday, January 17th. We will be operating on a holiday schedule the rest of this week. All Monday customers will be collected on Tuesday and so forth. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you but the safety of our employees is our top priority.

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Quick Reminders Regarding Your Curbside Trash & Recycling Services During the Winter Months

Cold, winter weather is here which brings a new set of challenges & safety concerns for our team members. To ensure your trash & recycling gets collected, please keep the following in mind when placing your items curbside.

Dark trash bags are easier for our employees to see. White trash bags blend in with the snow. If you have a darker colored trash bag that you could use or a trash can that you can place your bag in, it will make it easier for our employees to see ensuring that your trash gets collected.

Check for schedule changes. When there are service interruptions that effect the majority of our customers, we will post updates on social media, our website, and send out email blasts.

Know when to place your bins at the curb. Customers should refrain from placing bins at the curb before snowfall or while snowing to avoid the possibility of bins either getting buried or knocked over.

Cover the openings of bins. Customers should cover the openings of their bins so that snow doesn’t add unnecessary weight. Open bins filled with snow and waste or recyclables could injure collection workers.

Shovel out spaces for bins and shovel out buried bins / bulk items. To make for easy, quick and safe collection, customers should shovel out spaces for their bins, shovel them out if they get buried in snow, and shovel out any bulk items that freeze to the ground.

Pick up bins that have been knocked over. If bins happen to get knocked over by snowplows, customers should pick them up and place them back at the curb.

Safety is our number one priority. If you have children who are playing in the snow, please be mindful of them playing close to the streets as visibility may be impaired due to weather conditions.

Slow Down Before You Go Around. If you are behind a trash or recycling truck, please make sure you slow down before you go around. Check for traffic coming in the opposite direction before going around the truck and make sure you look for our employees before trying to pass.

Thank you for working with us to help keep our employees safe!

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Collection Update: Inclement Weather 1/7/22

Due to inclement weather and state roadway restrictions, all Penn Waste residential operations will be delayed one day. All residential Friday routes will run tomorrow (Saturday, January 8th).

All scheduled Christmas tree collections for January 8th will be pushed back one week to Saturday, January 15th.

We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your understanding.
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