Waste Management Safety

Safety is our #1 Concern


Safety is the top priority at Penn Waste. Our entire team, from our drivers to the men and women who staff the recycling center, are committed to safe operating practices. Because they are out in the community each and every day, we ensure all of our employees are trained in the latest waste management safety practices and are provided the most up-to-date equipment and ongoing training.

Our safety supervisors are in constant communication with drivers, often times following them on routes to ensure the safety of the Penn Waste workers, but also members of the communities we serve. In addition, Penn Waste operates the best equipment and rigorously maintains our vehicles at our on-site repair facility in York, PA.

Have a Concern or Question about Waste Management Safety?

Want to report an unsafe situation or have a question about Penn Waste’s waste management safety procedures? Contact Us

Safety Tips for Homeowners

Want to learn waste management safety tips and recommendations for homeowners? Residential Safety Tips

Safety Tips for Businesses

Want to learn waste management safety tips and recommendations for businesses? Business Safety Tips

Need Hazardous & Flammable Waste Disposal?

Please contact a member of our Hazardous Waste Disposal Team to determine if a waste product is considered hazardous or flammable,
and to learn how to properly dispose of it.

Penn Waste’s Hazardous Waste Disposal Team
Phone: (717) 767-4456
Email: info@pennwaste.com

Penn Waste’s Safety Program for Businesses

Penn Waste offers on-site waste management safety training and safety materials designed to help your employees stay safe, reducing worker’s comp issues
and other hazards that can harm your business.

Our safety program includes information on:

  • Educating your business team on how to properly and safely load your container.
  • Options for increasing container size, if necessary.
  • Increasing the frequency of service, if necessary.
  • Proper disposal of special and hazardous waste materials.

To schedule your Penn Waste safety training session, Contact Us!