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Recyclables: Which Are Naughty And Which Are Nice

Penn Waste is making a list, checking it twice, and wants their customers to know which holiday decorations and packaging are naughty or nice!

Penn Waste, a leader in the waste and recycling industries in South Central Pennsylvania which focuses on innovative, sustainable, and environmentally-friendly practices, suggests the holidays are not the time to slack off recycling. Here is a friendly reminder for everyone regarding which materials are and are not acceptable recyclables.

If you don’t want to find coal in your stocking this year, make sure to recycle the following holiday packaging listed on the Company’s “nice” list: all cardboard boxes — any size, any quantity— such as gift boxes, shipping boxes, shoe boxes, and tissue boxes; all paper products such as gift bags, non-adhesive gift tags, instructions to new toys, holiday cards and envelopes.

The most popular holiday recyclable on the “nice” list is the real Christmas tree. Please check with your municipal office to see when your township or borough is scheduled to have your Christmas trees picked up.

Unfortunately, not everything can be recycled, which is why the following items fall on Penn Waste’s “naughty” list: adhesive gift tags, ornaments that you hang on the tree, foam packing peanuts, bubble wrap, coated wrapping paper, ribbons and bows. These are all items that Penn Waste is not able to recycle, but that doesn’t mean you can’t reuse them! For creative and innovative ways to reuse your “naughty” holiday packaging and decorations plus recycling old gadgets please visit:

Recycling is a year round practice that helps to reduce waste. Please join in making this a zero waste holiday season and help Penn Waste to create a greener community together.

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