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Buying Locally: Trend or Tradition?

“Buying locally” used to be a trendy catch phrase that caught on during the same time the “green initiative” became popular. Fortunately, buying locally is no longer just a feel-good matter. It offers communities a chance to come together and support each other for the common good.

Researchers and organizations have taken a look at the concept of buying locally and have determined that you really do get more bang more your buck when you buy from locally-owned and operated businesses. In its most basic form, buying locally means more money stays in your local community.

In 2009, a London-based research organization, New Economics Foundation, compared the impact of buying produce at a national supermarket vs. buying produce at a local farmer’s market; the information was staggering. Research showed that twice the money stayed in the local community when they bought from the local company as compared to the national store. That means your money is twice as efficient with helping the local economy when you spend it with a local company!

Penn Waste, both locally-owned and operated in South Central Pennsylvania, saw a need for an organization that would promote and educate the community on buying locally and make connections between other local companies in the region so they could learn from each other. In 2010, the Buy Local Coalition was born.

With over 185 members, the organization promotes buying locally through networking mixers, an educational series and community outreach in South Central Pennsylvania. To learn more about the organization, visit their website at and find out about upcoming events on both their Facebook and Twitter pages.

In addition to the Buy Local Coalition, the Lancaster Chamber of Commerce & Industry is another resource that recently launched their “Think Local” campaign at the Chamber’s 2011 Business Expo. Check out some of the photos from the Penn Waste booth!

Part of the Penn Waste sales team worked the booth during the 2011 Business Expo.

Remember to “Think Local” when it comes time to switch waste haulers!

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