Residual Waste Management for Businesses

Non Hazardous and Residual Waste Management for Commercial and Industrial Operations

Penn Waste provides residual waste management to companies across South Central PA. Residual waste is any non-hazardous waste resulting from an industrial, mining or agricultural operation.

Each residual waste management program must be approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection and the specific disposal facility that is licensed to accept the material. Penn Waste’s Commercial Services Team is happy to assist you in navigating this approval process and completing the necessary paperwork in order to help you secure approval and compliance.

Overseen by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, the Residual Waste Program regulates the generation, storage, transportation, processing, beneficial use, composting, and disposal of residual waste.

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Want More Information About Residual Waste Management Requirements?

For more information on PA’s Residual Waste Program, permit requirements, fees, acceptable uses and forms, please visit Pennsylvania’s Department of Environmental Protection website.