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Monthly Archives: June 2019

Collection Update: July 4th Holiday 2019

Thursday, July 4th, 2019: Due to Penn Waste being closed on July 4th, all Residential Penn Waste collections will be delayed one (1) day for the remainder of that week. Thursday customers will be collected on Friday. Friday customers will be collected on Saturday.

Special Note:

  • Camp Hill Borough: Yard Waste collection will be on Saturday 7/13/19 due to the holiday.
  • Carroll Township: Yard Waste collection will be on Saturday 7/13/19 due to the holiday.
  • East Pennsboro Township: Yard Waste collection will be on Saturday 7/13/19 due to the holiday.
  • Fairview Township: Yard Waste collection will be on Saturday 7/13/19 due to the holiday.

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Penn Waste wishes all of our customers a safe and happy holiday!

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Why ‘Tanglers’ Don’t Belong in Your Recycling Bin


Many people try to recycle items that cannot be recycled or processed by the equipment we use at our recycling facility.

Some common materials are what we call “tanglers.”

Tanglers are non-recyclable items that get wrapped around the rolling screens which are used to help separate recyclables during the recycling process.

Penn Waste team members do try to remove as many of the tanglers as possible, but some still make it through.

Some examples of tanglers are – Plastic Shopping Bags, Garbage Bags, Hoses, Clothing, Rope, Christmas lights, plastic and metal strapping, towels, electrical cords, and VHS tapes.

Meet Moises.

Moises is 1 of 10 Penn Waste team members who must climb into the machinery and cut off the tanglers.

It takes at least 1 hour to remove the tanglers from each of the 4 screens and this required maintenance happens 4 times per day.

The machinery must be shut down during this time which wastes time and money. In addition, climbing into the equipment puts our employees in harm’s way.

The good new is, you can help!

Please do not bag your recyclables. Also, do not place plastic bags, plastic packaging, or other non-recyclable items in your curbside recycling bin.

There’s a list of acceptable items at and here’s a reminder…. The only items that should be going in your curbside recycling bin are metal cans, plastic bottles and containers with numbers 1,2 and 5 on the bottom, newspaper, glass bottles and jars, dry and flattened cardboard, and cartons.

And don’t forget…all of these items should be clean and dry before placing in your recycling bin.

Moises and the rest of the Penn Waste team appreciates your help! For more information, visit

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How to Have an Eco-Friendly Picnic

School’s out and so is the sun! In our latest blog post, we’re sharing tips for having an eco-friendly picnic with your family and friends this summer.

1. Pack sustainable items instead of takeout or pre-packaged meals to reduce waste. You can cut down on waste and expenses with eco-friendly picnicware such as reusable straws, utensils and plates. You can also bring your own picnic basket or cloth bag instead of using paper or plastic bags. Don’t forget to pack your picnic blanket, cloth napkins and reusable food containers.

2. Recycle! We’re partial to this one 😉 If you choose to bring items that aren’t reusable, make sure that you recycle or dispose of them properly. Some of the most common recyclable items at a picnic are:
– Plastic water and soda bottles (throw the cap in the trash – it’s too small to be captured at our recycling facility)
– Metal soda and beer cans
– Glass wine and beer bottles
– Kids juice boxes (throw the straw in the trash)
All of the above recyclables should be clean, empty and dry before placing in a recycle bin. For a full list of what items are recyclable, please visit

3. Take trash with you. To ensure you leave the environment in the exact condition you found it, do not leave litter behind. It can contaminate water and land or be a danger to wildlife. Please take all your belongings and trash with you if there are no recycling or trash receptacles on site.

We hope these tips will help you enjoy your picnic with friends and family in a sustainable manner!

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