Commercial Trash Compactor Equipment

Space-Saving Waste Management Solutions That Save Money


For businesses that generate large quantities of waste, Penn Waste’s commercial trash compactor services offer a way to save space while reducing overall operating costs for businesses.

Penn Waste will visit your business and evaluate your site’s waste needs. We will help you establish an on-site usage and safety plan, help you navigate the permit and health code processes and procedures, and explain the maintenance and service packages that come standard with all Penn Waste commercial trash compactor rental agreements. Accordingly, if your business sees a continued need for compactor services, commercial trash compactors are available for purchase. Compaction systems provide an effective method for large quantity waste generators to reduce costs.

Compactor Rental Options

Self-contained compactors are available for handling wet waste from such applications as:

  • Supermarkets
  • Large restaurants
  • Food processors
  • Hotels
  • Cafeterias
  • Hospitals

Stationary compactors are also available for large generators such as:

  • Retail outlets
  • Manufacturers
  • Department stores

What Are Possible Additional Compactor Charges?

In addition to compactor equipment, Penn Waste will help you navigate cost-effective disposal options. We’ll help you assess and minimize the following “hidden charges” that can impact your company’s bottom line:

  • Weight restrictions and overages
  • Volume and service frequency
  • Miscellaneous incidentals
  • Additional labor requirements