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Monthly Archives: January 2019

Collection Update: Inclement Weather 1/31/19

Thursday, 1/31/19 – Due to the extreme cold weather and its impact on trucks and employees, there will be areas that we are unable to collect on your regularly scheduled collection day. Please leave your waste and recycling curbside as we will collect all material by the end of the day on Saturday 2/2/19. We appreciate your understanding with this frigid weather. The safety of our employees is our top priority.

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Collection Update: Inclement Weather 1/29/19

Tuesday, 1/29/19 – Due to the impending weather, most Penn Waste routes will be starting approximately 1 hour early on Tuesday. Please have your waste and recycling curbside tonight or early tomorrow morning to ensure collection. We appreciate your understanding.

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Collection Update: Inclement Weather 1/21/19

Monday, January 21, 2019 – Due to inclement weather, at this time all Penn Waste routes will be operating on a delayed schedule tomorrow (Monday, January 21, 2019). Please continue to check back for any update as the inclement weather progresses.

Below are tips to keep in mind as we all deal with the current winter weather:

  1. Hazardous Weather Conditions – There is currently a wind chill advisory in effect in south central Pennsylvania. If your trash and recycle bins are not full, please consider holding them until next week. We are trying to get our employees off the street and out of the hazardous weather as soon as possible. We appreciate your assistance in helping to keep our employees safe!
  2. Wind – The extreme wind conditions will knock your trash and recycling Toters over, scattering trash and recyclables on the street. Again, if your bins are not full, please consider holding them until next week. The Toters will fall over from the wind after they’ve been emptied.
  3. Wet Items Freeze to Dumpsters & Trash Cans — Exposed, wet items freeze to your dumpster / trash can in these cold winter temperatures. It makes it very difficult for our drivers and loaders to safely and efficiently empty your frozen dumpsters / trash cans which may lead to waste remaining in your container after dumping. Keep this in mind if you have any liquid in your trash. Please close your lids!
  4. Please Make Sure the Road to Your Container is Plowed — The weight of the truck will compact the snow creating a sheet of ice, resulting in a serious safety hazard for our drivers.
  5. Do Not Block Access to Your Dumpster with Excess Snow — This includes gates, corral and the path to direct access.
  6. Dumpster Corral Pins — If you have a corral that has doors, the corral pins which hold the doors closed can freeze which may prevent us from accessing your dumpster or being able to close the doors. Placing salt around the pins can help alleviate this from happening, but we ask that you be aware of this in case we are not able to access your dumpster.
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