Our Goal to Teach Kids About Recycling

Resources for Teachers and Educators


At Penn Waste, our goal is to partner with our customers to create a green community. We believe educating children and adults in Central Pennsylvania about responsible waste management and recycling practices is an important part of our mission to improve the community and preserve our world for future generations.

As the next generation of consumers and leaders, children can play an active and important role in the recycling process at home and at school. Penn Waste offers a variety of tools for educators and parents, designed to teach kids about recycling. Programs are available for a variety of age groups and cover information on recycling how to’s, the benefits of recycling, the types of things that are made from recycled materials and other ways that kids can get involved in creating greener communities.

Want to Learn More?

Contact Penn Waste or call (717) 767-4456 to learn more about the educational programs available.

Visit Penny’s Nest


Penny, Penn Waste’s official mascot, helps teach kids about recycling. Visit Penny’s Nest to read about Penny’s story and learn about why recycling is important.

Want Penny to visit your school or come to your next community event? Contact Us!

Did You Know…

  • The average person generates over 4 lbs. of trash every day and about 1.5 TONS of solid waste per year?
  • In 2012, Americans produced enough trash to circle the Earth 26 times?
  • Americans throw away 25,000 plastic bottles every HOUR?
  • Recycling one aluminum can saves enough energy to listen to a full album on your iPod?
  • Recycling 100 cans could light your bedroom for two whole weeks?
  • In 2012, Americans threw away almost 10 million tons of glass? That’s enough glass to fill tractor trailers that would stretch from NYC to LA…and back!
  • There is no limit to the amount of times aluminum can be recycled?
  • Each year, more than 350 million inkjet and laser cartridges are thrown away?
  • A used aluminum can is recycled and back on the grocery shelf as a new can, in as little as 60 days? That’s closed loop recycling at its finest!
  • Each year, 35 million cell phones are thrown away? Start a cell phone collection and donation program to local organizations in need of cell phones.

Idea: Start a Used Motor Oil Recycling Program

The State of Pennsylvania offers resources to help teachers and students tackle the problem of recycling used motor oil. Explore the resources below to learn how you can institute a school-wide motor oil recycling program.

Looking For More Ways to Make a Difference?

Visit the sites below to get ideas on how to teach kids to recycle and how students can make a positive impact on the environment starting in the classroom.