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Monthly Archives: November 2023

Collection Update – Thanksgiving

Due to the Thanksgiving Holiday, all regular Penn Waste residential trash and recycling collections will be delayed one (1) day. Thursday customers will be collected on Friday. Friday customers will be collected on Saturday. Monday – Wednesday customers will be collected on your normal collection day.

Please visit our web site at for specific municipality information.

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Penn Waste wishes all of our customers a safe and happy holiday!

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How to Properly Dispose of Hot Ashes

Not sure how to dispose of ashes after using your fire pit? Follow these tips to ensure proper disposal of your hot ashes.

  1. Allow ashes to cool in the area where you had the fire for several days. These areas are designed to contain their heat safely.
  2. When it is time to dispose of ashes, test to ensure the hot ashes are cool by placing them in a cardboard box or paper bag before disposal. In this situation, never leave these ashes unattended until they are cool enough for disposal. If the ashes are too hot, they will begin to burn through the box or bag.
  3. Transfer the cool ash to a plastic bag and then tie it shut. This will ensure any dust from the bagged ashes does not get into our employees’ eyes or lungs.
  4. Do NOT put any ashes in a trash container. They should be left on the ground beside your trash container. By sitting them outside of the cart, we can confirm the ashes are NOT hot before placing them in the truck.
  5. Never dispose of hot ashes with your yard waste material. By placing ashes with yard waste, such as tree trimmings and leaves, the potential for fires increase substantially.
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