Residential Waste Removal & Management Services

Services For Your Home

In addition to providing residential waste removal and recycling services to municipalities throughout South Central PA, Penn Waste offers roll off container rentals, recycling services and large item collection for residents in South Central PA.

To learn more about the services we offer to homeowners, click on the links below.

Residential Waste Removal for Municipalities


Standard residential services, including curbside waste removal and recycling pickup, are provided on a contract basis with municipalities across South Central Pennsylvania.

To learn if your municipality partners with Penn Waste, visit our Municipal Waste Disposal Services page.

Residential Roll Off Container Rental

Looking to do a major home improvement project or just cleaning out the basement? No matter your project size, Penn Waste offers roll off container rentals, extra-large waste removal options and containers to fit your project needs.

We’ll walk you through the entire rental process of determining the best size for your project and coordinating container drop off and pick up.

Learn more about: Residential Roll Off Container Rental

Residential Recycling Services


At Penn Waste, we value the importance of Creating a Green Community, Together.

We work with local municipalities to make the biggest change in our community with the least amount of impact on our environment. We do this through a variety of recycling services, best practices and educational opportunities.

Visit our Municipal Waste Disposal Services page to learn how Penn Waste helps keep your community green.

Learn more about our recycling process: Residential Recycling Disposal

Need to dispose of big items? Select a link below to learn more.