Penn Waste has always delivered clean products. That means a lot.

Stan L., Camp Hill, PA

Resources for Your Municipality

Get Alerts & Updates from Penn Waste About Your Municipal Waste Management

Penn Waste is proud to provide residential waste removal and recycling services to more than 60 municipalities across the South Central Pennsylvania region. Our entire team strives to provide safe, dependable and courteous service to each and every one of the 180,000 homes we serve.

The waste we collect from you is used to create clean green energy, fueling local waste-to-energy sites to support a better future for our community. Thank you for helping us create a green community together through municipal waste management!

Exclusive: Municipality Alerts

Here’s how to enroll in our exclusive Municipality Alerts feature — which makes it easy find specific information for your area, including waste collection days, holiday schedules, bag limits, large item pickup, weather alert information and more.

1. Choose your municipality from the list below.

2. After you’ve found your municipality, click the link. This will take you to your municipality’s info page.

3. Select Receive Municipality Alerts (in the right corner of your municipality’s page) to make this Your Municipality.

4. Then, every time you visit the Penn Waste website, you’ll see instant weather alerts and specific municipal waste management information about your area in the gray bar located at the top of each page on this site.