Recycling at Home

The Leader in Recycling in South Central PA


At Penn Waste, our goal is to partner with our customers to create a green community together. We strive to make the recycling process as easy and convenient as possible to help all customers maximize their efforts by allowing our customers to put all materials being processed in the same container.

Penn Waste offers residential recycling services to over 180,000 households throughout the South Central Pennsylvania region.

Do We Provide Recycling Services For Your Community?

For detailed information related to the townships and boroughs we currently service, please visit the Resources for Your Municipality section.

Recycling Resources

Penn Waste offers tips and information to help you increase your recycling at home.

Explore the links below to learn more about recycling at home and its positive impact on our environment and community.

Recycling at Home For Kids

Penny, Penn Waste’s official mascot, helps educate children and adults on the importance of recycling. Visit Penny’s Nest to read about Penny’s story and learn about why recycling is important.

Want Penny to visit your school or come to your next community event? Contact Us!penny-small