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Winter Weather Reminders 2015

In anticipation of the bad weather in the forecast over the next few days, below are several winter reminders to ensure your safety, the safety of our employees and that your trash and recycling gets collected.

  1. Trash Bags — White trash bags blend in with the snow. If you have a darker colored trash bag that you could use or a trash can that you can place your bag in, it will make it easier for our employees to see ensuring that your trash gets collected.
  2. Access to Your Trash & Recycling — Please make sure there is a clear, safe path for our employees to access your trash and recycling.
  3. Bad Weather — Trash and recycling may not be collected at the exact time that it usually is due to poor weather conditions. Please visit to sign up for e-news alerts (scroll to the bottom of the homepage) and visit our website throughout the day for updates regarding your service. You can also find updates on our social media sites — and
  4. Children —Safety is our number one priority. If you have children who are out playing in the snow, please be mindful of them playing close to the streets since visibility may be impaired due to poor weather conditions.
  5. Slow Down Before You Go Around — If you are behind a trash or recycling truck, please make sure you slow down before you go around. Check for traffic coming in the opposite direction before going around the truck and make sure you look for our employees before trying to pass.
  6. Keep Your Eyes On the Road When Driving — Please do not text and drive or get absorbed with other distractions such as playing with the radio or fixing your makeup. You are putting yourself, others on the road and our employees at risk. Keep your eyes on the road at all times and give yourself some room between other cars when driving.

Below are additional winter reminders for our customers who have Penn Waste dumpsters:

  1. Wet Items Freeze to Dumpsters — Exposed, wet items freeze to your dumpster in these cold winter temperatures. It makes it very difficult for our drivers to safely and efficiently empty your frozen dumpsters which may lead to waste remaining in your container after dumping. Please close your lids!
  2. Please Make Sure the Road to Your Container is Plowed — The weight of the truck will compact the snow creating a sheet of ice, resulting in a serious safety hazard for our drivers.
  3. Do Not Block Access to Your Dumpster with Excess Snow — This includes gates, corral and the path to direct access.
  4. Corral Pins — If you have a corral that has doors, the corral pins which hold the doors closed can freeze which may prevent us from accessing your dumpster or being able to close the doors. Placing salt around the pins can help alleviate this from happening, but we ask that you be aware of this in case we are not able to access your dumpster.

Thank you for working with us so we can effectively collect your trash and recycling while maintaining the safety of our employees.

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7 comments on “Winter Weather Reminders 2015

  1. We put lids on our recycle containers so contents will not blow away. This morning one of them disappeared. Since I looked out the window just moments before I heard the trash truck I can only believe the lid made it into the truck. I admit the lid did not match the container but there were two such containers and the other lid did remain.

  2. The last few nights the local news has been telling us to put bottles in the trash not recycle. They are saying they break and then they can’t be used.
    Channel 27 WHTM.

    • Thank you for sharing this with us. This was specific to the City of Harrisburg. Glass is an acceptable recyclable. We do have some difficulty with glass in the single stream process, but it is stall acceptable to place in your recycling bin. Thank you for checking.

  3. You are doing a great job! Every time I see my bill, I marvel that the cost is a little over half what we previously paid to Waste Management, and the service is much better and friendlier. Thank you.

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