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Township Recycling Education

When it comes to recycling, it is important that everyone does their part in the process. It’s also important that even if it is not collected through your curbside recycling program, there are other options to help have an impact on your community.

One of our contracted customers, Dover Township, has taken it upon themselves to educate their community on some of the different ways to recycle and how it can benefit the entire community. With the help of Dover Doug, everyone is able to see the different ways to recycle around Dover Township and even in your township. For tips on recycling from Dover Doug, please check out their video here!

We would like to thank Dover Township for their efforts to help create a green community across south central Pennsylvania!

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One thought on “Township Recycling Education

  1. Where can one recycle all these plastic bags from the stores? I have many recyclable paper products is there a place I can drop off?

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