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Residential Collection Update for 2/13/14 and 2/14/14

Due to the inclement weather, all Penn Waste residential routes have been cancelled for Thursday, February 13. Due to Penn Waste being closed Thursday, we will be following a holiday schedule for the remainder of the week. All collections that normally occur on Thursday will now be collected on Friday. Collections that normally occur on Friday will be collected on Saturday.

On Friday, February 14, All Penn Waste residential routes will be operating on a two hour delay.

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15 comments on “Residential Collection Update for 2/13/14 and 2/14/14

  1. Simply a Thank You for keeping the safety of your people first and foremost, and for keeping the community informed. It’s truly appreciated and heartening!
    David Thompson, York

  2. This is the first time I check your web site for information. I really like seeing information on pick-up. Thanks

    • Tomorrow, 2/14 we are operating on a two hour delay. Tomorrow we are collecting Thursday’s routes. Saturday we are collecting Friday’s routes. If you are normally collected on Thursday, place your trash out for Friday and we will be around to pick it up, on a two hour delay of course. Thank you.
      Penn Waste

  3. Great Website! This is the first time I’ve been on to check scheduled pick-ups. Very user friendly and informative! Thank you!

  4. Thanks so much for the timely updates! And an even bigger thank you all of your people for doing such a great job in this winter weather that we’ve had. I know that it isn’t easy, and I really appreciate the top-notch service.

  5. Don’t envy you guys. Doing a great job. Thanks for keeping us posted. Sorry you had to waste your time answering that last post. Your initial explanation was perfectly clear. Thanks.

  6. Thanks for posting the Residential Collection Update for 2/13/14 and 2/14/14 and for doing this in the past. In this way we do not have to leave our refuse out for two days not knowing whether the collection will be delayed or not.

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