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Residential Collection Update Clarification

Due to the inclement weather this week, Penn Waste has cancelled routes on Wednesday 3/21 and Thursday 3/22. Routes operated on Tuesday 3/20 at an earlier time than normal. Due to the timing of the storm, some residents may not have been collected on Tuesday’s routes.

For any residential customers that were not collected due to the snow this week, we will accept double the regular volume on your next regularly scheduled collection day. This may be placed out in bags next to your containers.

Please disregard any previous message regarding running on a holiday schedule. Due to the weather, we had to revise our initial plan of running on a holiday schedule.

For the remainder of the week, we will be back on schedule. Friday routes will be collected on Friday. When multiple days are cancelled, we cannot complete all of our routes by the end of the day Saturday. We are not permitted to operate on Sundays by law.

Any yard waste collections scheduled for this Saturday 3/24 are also cancelled.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

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