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Recycling on Vacation

It’s the time of year to pack up the family and head to your vacation destination. While preparing you may bring a lot of things with you, but just toss the waste at the end of your trip. It’s important to remember that many of the things you may bring with you on your vacation are actually recyclable. Regardless of your destination, please remember to recycle during your trip. Please check out our segment that aired on Fox 43 News at 10pm!

Ranging from plastic, such as yogurt or lunch meat containers and aloe vera bottles, cardboard boxes, such as toilet paper rolls and toothpaste boxes, or aluminum, such as sunscreen containers, remember that all of these items are recyclable items used on your family vacation!

Aside from the items listed above here are some other recyclable items that you may bring on your vacation:

– Insect Repellant Containers

– Outdoor Fogger Containers

– Toilet Paper and Paper Towel Cores

– Travel Hair Spray Containers

– Static Guard Containers

– Aluminum Soda and Beer Cans

– Water Bottles and Water Jugs

– Candy Boxes

There are so many ways to recycle while on vacation. What do you do when you have collected all of your recyclables? There are a couple options that you can choose from. You may decide to research recycling drop off points around where you go on your vacation. Many vacation destinations have ways for tourists to recycle, so be sure to look that information up at some point. You may also choose to bring it back home with you. Remember that we accept an unlimited amount of recycling, so bringing it back with you will not be a problem for your next collection day!

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