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Recycling at a Cookout

It’s the time of year for cookouts and family gatherings. Summer is the ideal time to gather the family and friends and enjoy each other’s company during a cookout. One thing that is important to keep in mind is recycling! There are a lot of items that you bring to cookouts that are not trash and can be placed in your recycling bin.

Another big problem that may arise at cookouts and picnics is what do I do with my recyclables? Many parks and other fields do not have any recycling containers available for use at their facilities. A company called flings has created pop-up recycle and trash bins. They can be found online and at select department stores. It is a great way to continue recycling outside of the house. The bins are made of biodegradable material and can hold up to 60 bottles or cans without leaking.

Aside from the already known recyclable material, what else can be recycled? Many of the materials that you may bring to a cook out are actually recyclable. Ranging from aluminum cans, wine and beer bottles, clean paper plates, and cardboard boxes that your food comes in, all of these items are recyclable.

Some other items that are recyclable that you may bring to a cookout include:

– Plastic containers for yogurt or chip dip

– Charcoal bag

– Empty condiment containers such as ketchup and mustard

– Clean plastic beverage containers

– Empty bug spray containers

– Empty sun block containers

– Empty water bottles

When it comes to cookouts, it is understandable that some of the recyclables that you gather will become messy. It is very important to remember to keep your recyclables clean or clean out any items before placing your recyclable at the curb.

By remembering to recycle at your upcoming cookout, you can help be a part of creating a green community. Thank you for your efforts and happy grilling!

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