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Penn Waste Now Accepts Cartons!

Beginning January 1, 2015, Penn Waste will begin accepting cartons as part of our residential and commercial recycling programs.

At Penn Waste, we are constantly striving to come up with innovative ways to pull more materials out of the waste stream and recycle them instead. We are proud to announce the addition of cartons to our recycling program and residents can begin recycling them immediately.

As a part of our education initiative, Penn Waste will be airing the advertisement below beginning December 31st.

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Cartons are defined as a type of packaging that food and beverage products come in that you can purchase at the store. Cartons come in two forms — shelf-stable and refrigerated.

Shelf-stable cartons contain food and beverage products such as soy milk, soup, broth and wine. These items may be found in your pantry or in cupboards.

Refrigerated cartons contain food and beverage products such as milk, orange juice, cream, egg substitutes and any other type of product that would need to be kept cold.

Recycling cartons is easy! Here are some tips to ensure that your cartons are ready to be placed in your recycling bin:

  • Remove any caps or straws
  • Make sure the carton is empty
  • Rinse out the carton if possible
  • Place it in your recycle bin

Be sure to check out our updated Recycling Guidelines and our piece on Frequently Asked Questions about Cartons. We will be posting more on our newly accepted recyclable in the near future.

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10 comments on “Penn Waste Now Accepts Cartons!

  1. Would this include ice cream containers? It seem like it would, but you don’t specifically mention them anywhere.

    • I apologize for the slow response on this. Unfortunately, ice cream cartons are not the same as the cartons that we accept as a part of our carton program. The reason they are not accepted is because the coating on ice cream cartons is different than the coatings on the other cartons, although they do appear to be the same. If there is any change to our program in the future, we will be sure to let all of our customers know. Thank you for asking about this.

  2. Just wanted to comment that Penn Waste’s recycling program is one of the most extensive I’ve seen. Thank you so much.

  3. Thanks for taking cartons! What do we do with all caps from milk, orange juice, hand cream, soda bottles, etc. Some have recycle symbols. Recycle bin or trash? Thank you.

    • Great question! While many caps and lids are created from recyclable material, we do recommend removing them from cartons and bottles. The problem with recycling caps is they are small and will not make it through the sorting process. We do recommend placing caps in the trash for this reason. Thank you!

  4. All recyclables, except leaf waste, are commingled in the container that you are provided by Carroll Township, it is not necessary to sort or separate items.  All lids to recyclables go in the regular trash.  If you find one recycling container is not large enough to hold your recycling, please stop by the township office to get a second container.  We now have bigger 32 gallon recycling containers.  No need to return your old container!

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