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How to Properly Dispose of Pool Chemicals

As summer comes to an end, Penn Waste would like to remind everyone that pool chemicals should not be disposed of in your trash or recycling.

Chemicals such as chlorine, muriatic acid, and sulfuric acid are used to balance and disinfect pools, while other chemicals are used to “shock” the pool. These chemicals are extremely combustible and can cause fires in the back of our trucks, putting our employees’ safety at risk.

Here are a couple suggestions on how to properly dispose of pool chemicals:

  1. Check with the store you bought your pool chemicals to see if they have any suggestions
  2. Donate extra pool chemicals to local pools around the area
  3. Check with your local Solid Waste Authority to see if they accept pool chemicals
    1. York County Solid Waste Authority
    2. Lancaster County Solid Waste Authority
    3. Cumberland County Solid Waste Authority
    4. Dauphin County Solid Waste Authority
  4. Check with your neighbors who have pools to see if they can use them.

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