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How Do I Dispose Of My Old Propane Tank?

PropaneTank2Did you know that propane tanks, regardless of size, should not be placed in your recycling bin? While the tank is metal, placing them in your recycling bin causes issues for our recycling center. Both larger propane tanks, as used for grilling, and smaller propane tanks, as used for camping stoves and some lighting, may not be placed with your trash. Now what do you do with your old propane tank? Keep reading for more details.

Refilling your empty propane tank is one easy way to reuse your old tank. Many locations offer propane tank refill stations, including AmeriGas and U-Haul. Before trying to dispose of your propane tank, think about reusing it by refilling it. Simply bring your empty tank to a propane tank refill station to refill it.

Many retailers offer a propane tank exchange program. To partake in this, bring your empty propane tank to one of the locations and swap out your old tank for a full one for a small fee. Blue Rhino and many retailers that sell propane tanks offer this type of service.

If you need to get rid of an old propane tank and do not need a new one or need to refill it, you may bring it to some locations for free or for a small fee. Please refer to the following resources to see how to handle these items depending upon where you reside.

For smaller propane canisters, there are some steps you must take in order to dispose of these canisters. Here are some directions to recycle your old canister.

Keep in mind that propane tanks, although made of metal, are not recyclable through our program. Please reference our recycling guidelines for a complete listing of what we accept and what we do not accept.

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