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Get Green: Aluminum

When it comes to recycling, it has been second nature to throw in cleaned aluminum cans in your recycling bins. Items such as food and beverage cans have routinely been tossed in the recycling bin, but there are many more products that can be recycled.

Aside from food and beverage cans, shaving cream cans and aerosol cans, such as hairspray and cleaning supply cans, are considered aluminum. We have already posted about shaving cream and aerosol cans, so you can check out that blog post here!

We recently released a segment on WPMT Fox 43 about recycling aluminum. The segment highlighting aluminum recycling can be found here:

Get Green Recycling Tip: Aluminum

With more items going into your recycling container, there are ways to maximize your space and ensure that you can recycle even more. Be sure to crush any cans and bottles that you put in your recycling container. This will help save space and allow you to recycle even more.

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