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February Newsletter

Just Say NO to these 9 Items

The below items have never been recyclable through your curbside recycling program. Please do not place them in your recycling bin. For alternative options, you can visit for suggestions.

Carts Are Top Heavy

Just a friendly reminder that your waste and recycling carts are top heavy. Since we are currently experiencing 60 mph winds, your carts will blow over if they’re left outside empty or have little material in them. The best option to keep them from blowing over is to bring them inside as soon as they’re emptied (if possible).  Please bag your trash (NOT your recycling) to keep loose trash from blowing around your neighborhood.

Collection Updates

Are you following us on social media? The fastest way to find out if there are collection schedule delays or cancellations is by checking our and following us on social media!

Safety First – Hot Ashes

Tis’ the season for wood stoves! It is important to keep safety in mind when handling hot ashes from wood stoves, fireplaces and fire pits. Hot ashes can cause major safety issues for not only you, but for our employees as well. Click here to learn more!

Are You Looking for a Career Change?

We’re hiring! Visit our Careers Page to find out what positions are open!

In Our Community

We had the opportunity to host 13 students from York City School District for a tour of our recycling facility! The students are implementing their own recycling system in their district through project-based learning.

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