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Collection Update – Inclement Weather 3/5/15 Update

Due to deteriorating road conditions, all Penn Waste routes will now be cancelled. For areas that were not collected, we will accept double the regular volume on your next regularly scheduled collection day.

As we did cancel routes mid-morning on March 5, some residents may have been collected during the early morning time. Those customers that were not picked up on March 5 will be eligible to place double the normal volume curbside on the next scheduled collection day. Customers that were collected will be allowed to place the normal volume curbside.

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14 comments on “Collection Update – Inclement Weather 3/5/15 Update

    • Friday collections will still be collected on Friday. We are collecting double the normal volume for today’s missed customers on their next scheduled collection day.

  1. I am the President of the Jackson Heights Condo Association and was extremely upset by this announcement. While I understand the need to cancel today’s trash pickup, defering until the next pickup date (next Thursday) is not acceptable. Most of our residents are retirees and have dutifully set out their trash for today’s pickup and this 10:00 a.m. notice that we now need to wait until next week is asking a bit much, since, once the snow stops, we will all have to drag our trash back into our condo units and stack up the trash for another week and then drag it all back out.
    In the past, you have simply delayed pickup until the next day and made up the time for the lost day, prior to the next pick up week. Please reconsider this decision and pick up this week’s trash Friday or Saturday!


    Alfred L Walters (87 S. Alpine Drive, York, PA 17408),
    Executive Board and Association President

    • I checked with our Residential Supervisor about this. We were able to run this area today before 10 AM. That being said, our Residential Supervisor will check this area again tomorrow morning to pick up any that may have been missed. We will not be running the entire route again tomorrow though. If you have any questions, please contact our customer service department at 717-767-4456. Thank you!

  2. Just to be clear, since pick-ups today were cancelled does this mean my trash will not be collected until next thursday? So two weeks between colections.

    • You are correct. While there will not be another collection until next Thursday, we will accept double the normal volume on your next collection. We apologize for the inconvenience.

  3. Do I understand correctly that you will not pick up our trash this week, or the next day but next week?

  4. I can understand why trash pickup was stopped today, but why wouldn’t it be picked up tomorrow? Why do I pay so much for trash collection if it won’t be picked up in a timely manner. My trash cans are full and so is my recycling can…Are we going to receive a discount on our bill for a missed service and the inconvience?

    • Your concerns are understandable, but we are accepting double the accepted volume on your next collection day. We do apologize for the inconvenience, but there will not be any discount applied. Thank you.

  5. That doesn’t seem very fair… if a service isn’t done, how or why would someone still pay for it. Seeing as though I already pay for unlimited trash…saying you will pick up double doesn’t really do anything for me!

  6. My hat is off to your workers. They are hard working men that are there for us in all kinds of weather. Your judgment to stop collections on the 5th was a right call. We have better service with Penn Waste then with our

  7. as someone that holds a CDL and values the lives of others and my own I am pleased to see Penn Waste has the same values and puts the lives of others first and foremost before the all mighty dollar. I’m sorry for those of those of you that have over flowing trash. I’m in the same predicament but life is more important than trash removal. It’s not like the temperature is going to be in the high 80’s or 90’s which would make trash attractive for animals or insects, so give Penn Waste a break its not like they are trying to make your life difficult they’re trying to keep their employees and those foolish enough too be on the roads safe. So the next time you decide to complain, remember it could be you that gets smashed into because you wanted your trash picked up. Just because your street or road may be clear or semi passable does not make all roads in the county passably. Think about that.

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