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Collection Update – Inclement Weather 1/7/14

Tuesday 1/7/14 – Penn Waste routes are running today. Due to the extreme cold temperatures, certain areas may not be completed. If an area is not completed, we will accept double on your next regularly scheduled collection day.

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4 comments on “Collection Update – Inclement Weather 1/7/14


    In fact call them home now. The trash can wait. No man should have to
    work on the back of a truck today. We love the guys for what they do all year, let’s not push it for a couple of lousy days.. I’m dead serious. There is no reason in the world for those good men to have to work today!!!

  2. Do U have a pick up holiday schedule posted on this site? ie: Monday 1/20/14 Martin Luther King Day, as my trash pick up date is on Mondays…TY!….Rose H.

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