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Collection Update – 3/6/15

Friday, March 6th, 2015 – All Penn Waste routes are operating on schedule today. For areas that are not accessible, we will accept double the regular volume of material on your next regularly scheduled collection day.

As we did cancel routes mid-morning on March 5, some residents may have been collected during the early morning time. Those customers that were not picked up on March 5 will be eligible to place double the normal volume curbside on the next scheduled collection day. Customers that were collected will be allowed to place the normal volume curbside.

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18 comments on “Collection Update – 3/6/15

  1. Just a quick question. My trash is picked up at 5am on Fridays, but it has not been picked up yet (it’s after 8am now). Does this now mean that you are not operating on schedule as you posted, or is the trash now cancelled? Thanks.

    • We are currently operating on schedule today. Due to some road conditions, we may be unable to collect some secondary roads. Please contact our customer service at 717-767-4456 for further information. Thank you!

  2. Appreciate your emails, but today it messed us up. Since our waste is picked up at 6:30 am, an email at 8 am telling us they’re on schedule didn’t help at all.

    We went off of yesterday’s email saying the Thursday route was cancelled, and based on what usually happens when you cancel, or have a holiday, we assumed our Friday route would be picked on Saturday.

    Just wanted you to be aware.

    • We apologize for the inconvenience. Please contact our customer service at 717-767-4456 regarding this issue and we will try to get this taken care of. Thank you!

  3. I live in New Cumberland and recently started injections twice a day how do you want me to handle my needles?

    • Good question. We ask that you place the used needles in a container with a lid. Examples would be a laundry detergent container or a coffee container. When you are ready to dispose of the container, please tape the lid to the container and place the container in a grocery store bag. After that, simply place it in your trash and we will collect it. We ask that you cover the material so much to ensure our employees do not come in contact with the needles. We hope this helps! Thank you!

  4. Does Penn Waste collect the green plastic “dumpsters” sold by Lowes? They are supposed to hold about 3000 lbs. I realize there would be an extra charge. If so, how much?

  5. We have our trash picked up on Thursday, so we were one of the ones affected by the no pickup last week due to weather. it stated to put our trash out tomorrow as normal and double will be picked up, but the garbage just picked up today?! what is that about? Are they still coming to pick up tomorrow?

    • Great question! We will still be collecting all Thursday routes tomorrow. We ran some of those routes today to alleviate the amount of trash that we will collect tomorrow, as some customers left their garbage out. We will still be by to collect Thursday customers tomorrow. Thank you for checking.

  6. Since our trash was picked up today, you stated that the trash will go again tomorrow. Our recycle bin has not been picked up yet, but will that be the same for the recycle items since our recycle bin is full and we have no more room to put anything in it?

    • Yes, we will be by again tomorrow, running all routes on schedule. Both trucks (Trash and Recycle) may not have been around today, but both collections will occur tomorrow. Thanks!

  7. When is the next yard waste pick up start back up in Susquehanna Township? Do we have to have yellow bins, or can we just bundle and tie debris?

    • The next yard waste collection date for Susquehanna Township is on Saturday, March 21st. You can bundle your yard waste and place it out for collection, or you could check with the Township Office to see if you can get a new bin for yard waste. Either option will work. Thank you!

  8. I live in Red Lion off Cape Horn and Lombard road. Our trash comes on tuesdays. We’ve recently started clearing out our basement and needed to know how much “extra” we can have other than our trash can. We can bag it up but aren’t sure how many extra bags we can have.

    • Thanks for checking. In Red Lion, customers may place 6 bags or containers out at the curb per week. The bags or containers must be no larger than 32 gallons and must weigh no more than 50 pounds. If you would need more than the limit of 6 bags, you may purchase bags at the borough office for $4.10 per bag. Or if you would like, you may contact our customer service department at 717-767-4456 to prepay for the bags before your collection this week.

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