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A Look into the App World: iRecycle

In a digital age, the phrase “there’s an app for that” rings true for any question or interest you may have. There are thousands of apps that cater to almost every facet of our lives. Not to be left out, recycling has created a niche in the app community and these apps can appeal to all audiences. Not only are there informative apps, there are also games for kids (or adults) to play, teaching its audience what items are recyclable. Over the next few weeks, we will be taking a look at different recycling apps and will highlight some of them on this blog. Please be sure to chek back for more updates.

One app that was extremely helpful was the iRecycle app. This app is published by and covers a wide range of information on recycling. One of the problems that many people have when it comes to recycling is determining what is recyclable and where it should be recycled. Many of you know what can be recycled through our curbside program (and if not, please check out our recycling guidelines), but what about all of the other materials that you think can still be recycled? What do you do with the material that you are unsure of? The iRecycle app is the place to look for those questions and more.

The iRecycle app breaks recyclables into categories. Aside from the items we accept curbside, such as paper and plastic, there are other categories such as automotive, batteries and construction. In each category, you can find any specific item that you may be trying to dispose of and find where the item can be accepted near you. There is a great amount of information in this app, and the best part about it: it’s free! Take some time to look into the app, there are plenty of items listed that are recyclable that you may have never thought of and it gives you the correct information to recycle them.

The bottom line with this app: there is a lot of valuable information, providing hours of research and helpful information to better our planet. If for nothing else, get this app because you can learn more about what items may be recyclable. It will never hurt to learn new items and ways to recycle everyday objects that could take up space in landfills around the nation. This app is ideal to find a specific item that you are interested in recycling.

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