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Winter Reminders for Our Customers with Dumpsters

Being in the heart of the winter season, we decided to update our customers on tips for winter weather. Here is our last post on the subject.

Below are several winter reminders to ensure your safety, the safety of our employees and that your trash and recycling gets collected. Keep reading for more information.

Instructions for Dumpsters Winter

Exposed wet items freeze to your dumpsters in these cold winter temperatures.

It makes it very difficult for our drivers to safely and efficiently empty your frozen dumpsters, which may lead to waste remaining in the dumpster after pick-up.

Please close your lids!

You can also try sprinkling some ice melt INSIDE of your containers to help prevent items from freezing to your dumpster.

Please make sure the road to your dumpster is plowed.

The weight of the truck will compact the snow creating a sheet of ice, resulting in a serious safety hazard for our drivers.

Do not block access to your dumpsters with excess snow.

This includes gates, corral and the path to direct access.

Corral Pins

If you have a corral that has doors, the corral pins which hold the doors closed can freeze which may prevent us from accessing your dumpster or being able to close the doors.

Placing salt around the pins can help alleviate this from happening, but we ask that you be aware of this in case we are not able to access your dumpster.

Thank you for working with us so we can effectively collect your trash and recycling while maintaining the safety of our employees.

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3 comments on “Winter Reminders for Our Customers with Dumpsters

  1. YOUR CANS HAVE ALOT TO BE DISIRED. THEY ARE ALOT LIGHTER THEN MY PREVIOUS ONE. the most annoying thing the lid will not stay closed

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