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Penn Waste’s Commitment to Recycling Education

PROP_PA_Logo-01Penn Waste was recently featured in the Pennsylvania Recycler, a publication created as a recycling resource by the Professional Recyclers of Pennsylvania.

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Penn Waste’s Commitment to Recycling Education

Over the past two years Penn waste has reinforced it commitment to reducing the impact of waste streams by setting new recycling standards. In particular, it embraced the expansion of materials collected in single stream recycling for both residential and commercial customers in central Pennsylvania. For example, Penn Waste was the first company in the region to accept all cleaned plastic materials 1-7, no matter the neck size, in single stream. It was also first to actively promote the inclusion of aerosol cans and unlimited cardboard collection.

Scott Wagner, president and owner of Penn Waste explains that, “as a best practices company, we feel it is our responsibility and obligation to research and invest in new recycling capabilities that will benefit the Central PA region by continually decreasing the amount of materials in the trash stream through reassignment into the recycling stream.”

Since Penn Waste now accepts a rapidly expanding array of recyclables, it recognizes that many residents do not know how to identify all the items they may now recycle. To assist in this challenge, namely community education, Penn Waste has created two custom programs. Each focuses on supporting recycling education and awareness in residential communities.

“What is meaningful to me,” said Amanda Davidson, Marketing Manager “is that Penn Waste, and Scott Wagner in particular, has made a significant investment in education, rather than only focusing on new business acquisitions. These educational efforts exemplify Penn Waste’s commitment to our communities on the deepest level.”

For the rest of this article, please read the article in the Pennsylvania Recycler here.

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