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What do I do with my Electronic Waste?

e-waste-recyclingDid you know that by law, Penn Waste is not allowed to collect your electronic waste that you place at the curb? As of January 24, 2013, Penn Waste has not collected any electronic waste that may have been placed out for collection.

The law that mandates this is the Covered Devices Recycling Act. This act prohibits residents and businesses from placing their electronic waste at the curb or in their trash.

What is considered electronic waste?

Electronic waste is any discarded electronic or electrical devices or their parts. These items include:

  • Desktop computers
  • Laptop computers
  • Monitors
  • Computer peripherals (keyboard, mouse, printer, speakers, etc.)
  • Televisions
  • E-readers and tablets
  • Many more.

What can I do with my electronic waste if Penn Waste cannot pick it up?

There are outlets for residents to dispose of your electronic waste. Many municipalities hold collections or have drop off sites. If unsure if your municipality has a collection event or site, contact your municipal office or check out these contacts by county:

York PA and Surrounding Areas:

The York County Solid Waste Authority
(717) 845-1066

Carroll Township Municipal Building
555 Chestnut Grove Road, Dillsburg

Lancaster PA and Surrounding Areas:

Lancaster County Solid Waste Management Authority
(717) 397-9968

Harrisburg, Hershey & Dauphin County:

Dauphin County Recycling Center
(717) 982-6772

Cumberland, Perry, and Adams Counties:

Please contact Pennsylvania’s Recycling Hotline at:
(800) 346-4242

By enacting this law, this prevents electronic items from being disposed of in the landfills and incinerators. This allows for the material to be recycled for future use.

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2 comments on “What do I do with my Electronic Waste?

  1. Would it ever be possible for Penn Waste to hold an “electronic waste” pick up day (similar to large article pick up but just for electronic articles) – perhaps twice/year – for residents who cannot bring all of their outdated electronic waste to a municipal landfill or other drop off point? This would be especially helpful for older or handicapped residents who cannot manage carry and transport articles to a distant pickup point.
    There are many residents who don’t recycle their aluminum, paper, etc., either, but no one seems to mind that recycled items end up in the trash instead of in the recycled bins. Thank you.

    • Great question! Unfortunately we are not permitted to collect electronic waste. We do understand the difficulty of bringing it to a drop off point, though. We would recommend contact your local solid waste authority. They may have other options for individuals that cannot make it to drop off points. Thank you!

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