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Time for an Office Clean Up!


Have you ever looked around your office and thought: “I really need to get rid of some of this junk”? We all have had those moments when your desk appears cluttered, and in order to be more productive, it may be time to get rid of a few unnecessary items. Rather than throwing all of these items in your trash can, why not find out if they are recyclable? You may be surprised at some of the items that you have around that are actually recyclable; keep reading to find out more!

All of these items are recyclable. From shredded paper to phone books, all of these items may be recycled. Here are some great tips for recycling everything you can that you may find in your office.Paper

You may already know that items like copy paper and shredded paper are recyclable, but there are some great techniques to ensure that your paper is recycled properly. Copy paper can simply be tossed in your recycle bin. In order to ensure it is in the best condition for recycling, consider placing your recycle bin at the curb as close to your collection day as possible. As for shredded paper, please place this in a clear plastic bag with your recyclables. This will ensure that this material does not get contaminated.

OthPhoneBookser items that you may find in your office that are recyclable include cardboard envelopes that you may use for FedEx, UPS or the United States Postal Service, notepads, file folders, catalogs, brochures and even mail. For all of these items, they may be placed in your recycle bin with all of your other recyclables. With our single stream recycling facility, we will sort all of the recyclables, saving you the time and energy.

One thing you may not have known was recyclable is your old phone books. Whenever you get a new phone book on your doorstep, be sure to place the old one in your recycle bin. Although it is a book and is bound, this item is recyclable. Be sure to place it in your recycle bin next time around.

Although there are many items in this post that we have covered, there are many more items that we missed because so much is recyclable. Be sure to check out our recycling page and read through our recycle guidelines. If you want more updates on recycling tips, please like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter.

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  1. We are not going to facebook and twitter to see collection schedules.
    We do not go to or use those web sites. You’ll have to notify us
    some other way or means for collection schedules. Thank you.
    The family owned business of Thomas W. & Brenda L. Smith jr

    • Unfortunately at this time, we do no plan on collecting compost in the near future. If that were to change, we would notify our customers to allow them to partake in this collection. Thank you for your question!
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