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The #1 Reason Why You Should Bag Your Trash

Many residents ask why we require them to bag their trash, even if they’re placing it directly into a trash can or trash mobile cart. The answer is simple: Safety.

Loose trash in your waste receptacle is dangerous to our employees. When it’s dumped from your container into the back of our truck, loose trash such as debris and liquids can spray in our employees faces or get on their skin.

Cat litter dust, paint splatter, broken glass, dog poop, saw dust – Would you want any of these items splattering on you if you were collecting the trash?

COVID19 has amplified the need for trash to be bagged in order for us to protect the health and safety of our employees.

In addition, bagging your trash helps to prevent waste from contaminating your property. Less loose trash and light debris will get blown or thrown from the collection area if it is bagged. There’s also less chance for liquids from the truck to spray the surrounding area.

By bagging your trash, you’re helping to protect your property and keep our employees safe.

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