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Did You Know? Aerosol Cans Are Recyclable

Perhaps some of our customers did not know that aerosol cans are recyclable. Aerosol cans may be placed in your recycling bins if they are empty. Although they may not be the first thing that you would think to throw in your recycling bin, they are made steel or aluminum, both of which are recyclable.

Aerosol cans are used for everyday product such as hairspray, shaving cream, spray paint and disinfectants. While most cans are made out of steel, about 10 percent of cans are made out of aluminum. As stated before, both are recyclable so don’t hesitate to throw them in your recycling bin.

Here are some more facts about aerosol cans that you may not have known before:

– More than 3 billion steel aerosol cans are made in the United States annually.

– About 19 billion steel containers are recycled and turned into new products each year.

– Recycling one ton of steel saves about 2.5 tons of iron ore, 1 ton of coal and 40 pounds of limestone.

– Steel containers take about 80 to 100 years to decompose.

For more information on these facts and more on aerosol cans, please check out this article from If you are interested in seeing how long it takes for other common household products to decompose, please check out our previous blog post: How Long Does It Take? If you have any other questions on recycling or trash services, please visit Penn Waste’s Website.

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