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Metal Recycling In Your Garage

IMG_20131014_100606_771 When it comes to recycling metal products, your efforts are influential on the environment, and here is the proof: twenty recycled cans can be made with the energy needed to produce one can using virgin ore. By conserving precious resources and recycling the resources already in use, we can save energy. We have already covered products in your kitchen, bathroom and cleaning closet so far this month. In order to get more of the metals already in use into the recycling stream, please check out this post on metal recycling in your garage.

When it comes to your garage, it may not be one of the first places you think to find recyclables, but it is in fact filled with recyclables. Since we are focusing on metals this month, here are some examples of steel and aluminum in the garage:

  • Paint cans
  • WD-40 cans
  • Pet Food cans
  • Bug Spray cans
  • Fogger Cans

IMG_20131014_101232_142You may not have known that paint cans may be recycled. Here are some tips to ensure that the empty cans make it to your recycle bin:

  • Use all of the paint before disposing
  • Dry paint can be placed in your trash. No liquid paint is accepted.
  • Consider mixing paint to empty partially full cans.

Recycling your metal products in your garage can have a positive impact on your curbside waste disposal. There are many items that you use in your garage that you may not have realized was actually recyclable. For more information, check out our recycling page! Be sure to check out our blog for more information weekly. You may also stay up to date with recycling tips and collection updates by following us on Twitter, liking us on Facebook or signing up for our E-News Updates!

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