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Garbage Man Day

This week, we celebrate the individuals that ensure a clean environment and sanitary living conditions, the garbage collectors. On June 17th, we celebrate Garbage Man Day, a time to show appreciation for those in the waste and recycling industry.

While the work is difficult, the workers do an excellent job and deserve the thanks of everyone. Here at Penn Waste, we appreciate the hard work and dedication that all of our employees display every day. Without our drivers and loaders, we would not be the company we are today.

Please be sure to take some time to thank your garbage man on your next collection day. For more information on Garbage Man Day, please visit the website here.

For tips on recycling best practices, please be sure to check out our recycling page. By utilizing best practices, you can help make the collection process more effective and efficient.

Be sure to stay up to date on all things recyclable by subscribing to our E-News Updates. We also post on Twitter and Facebook so please look into our pages.

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2 comments on “Garbage Man Day

  1. June 17th, National Garbage Man Day

    This June, John D. Arwood invites the nation to celebrate trash collectors, dumpster haulers, sewage workers, street cleaners and just about anyone who does the dirty jobs that we would rather not do ourselves. Arwood is raising awareness for our garbage men and women that make our cities and homes livable. “Garbage men are a sign of a healthy city,” said Arwood. Whether it’s the people who empty your fast food grease traps or deliver your port-a-potties, these are the people who make our lives smell better.

  2. I have nothing but praise for these people, they work hard and there is always a hello to me when I come out to get our empty cans. Rain or shine
    they are there.
    Thanks for you service,
    Ron B.

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