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Collection Update – Inclement Weather 1/12/15

Due to inclement weather, all Penn Waste routes will be operating on a two hour delay.

Want to stay up to date on holiday collections and recycling tips? Be sure to check out our Facebook and Twitter pages for tips on recycling and collection updates! We also send recycling tips and collection updates through email if you sign up for our E-News Update!

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9 comments on “Collection Update – Inclement Weather 1/12/15

  1. I’m thankful that you have a site that provides info. updating the public for waste management pickup. Sincerely J.D.

  2. my trash and recycling is still waiting to be picked up since Monday morning 1/12 today is 1/14 when will you pick it up?

    • Unfortunately, we cannot handle customer service issues via our website. Please give our customer service line a call at 717-767-4456 and they will be able to further assist you. Thank you!

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