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Calling All Cans!

When it comes to recycling, the list of acceptable materials is expanding. It may be hard to keep track of what is accepted in your curbside recycling program and what should be tossed in the trash. Regarding metals, there are many different types that are used in everyday products. Here is what you can put in your recycling bin the next time you use the entire product.

– Soda and Beer cans

– Hairspray cans

– Air Freshener cans

– Window Cleaner containers

– Bathroom Cleaner containers

– Surface Cleaner containers

– Disinfectant Spray containers

– WD-40 cans

– Pet Food cans

– Toilet Bowl Cleaner cans

– Static Guard containers

– Shaving Cream cans

– Spray Tan and Sun Screen containers

– Paint cans

– Many More

One thing to keep in mind with these products is to make sure that they are completely empty and rinsed out (if possible). By doing so, we are making sure that the recycling is free of contaminants. Be sure to toss all of your cans in the recycling this time around.

For a complete list of all of our acceptable and unacceptable recyclable material, please view our recycling guidelines or check out our recycling page. Be sure to follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook to stay up to date with all things Penn Waste.

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