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Wanted: Cardboard

Cardboard comes in all shapes and sizes. Penn Waste accepts all cardboard of any size and quantity.

Most people think of shipping boxes when they hear the word “cardboard,” however cardboard is so much more than just boxes.

Cardboard found on the inside of paper towel and toilet paper rolls is recyclable. The cardboard packaging that your garbage bags come in is recyclable. The cardboard from your tissue boxes is recyclable. To sum it up, if it is cardboard, it is recyclable.

We ask our customers to keep in mind three easy steps when it comes time to recycle your cardboard.

  • Remove all packaging inside the box (such as packing peanuts, bubble wrap, etc).
  • Flatten ALL boxes. If your box does not fit in your recycle bin or mobile cart, please tie them together with string to prevent them from blowing away.
  • Check the weather. If the weather calls for high winds or rain, keep your recycling inside until the following week, if possible. Wet cardboard products are more difficult to process.

Aside from cardboard, Penn Waste accepts paperboard and paper products as part of the recyclables we collect. For example, junk mail, newspapers, magazines, newspaper inserts, and envelopes are all considered recyclables.

For a full list of what Penn Waste does and does not accept, please check out our recycle guidelines!

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