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How to Properly Dispose of Old Propane Tanks

We’re not here to settle the great debate between charcoal and gas grilling. This summer, we just want to remind you of how to properly dispose of old propane tanks, just in case your loyalty leans towards gas grilling. Although Penn Waste encourages the recycling of most metal containers, we do have an exception and that is propane tanks.  Propane tanks should not be placed with either recycling or trash.  This includes both large and small propane tanks, such as those used for camping stoves, torches and other small appliances and tools.

Propane tanks, even empty, pose a safety risk for our employees if they enter our recycling trucks or facilities.

Luckily, there are some alternatives for disposing of propane tanks.

  1. You can refill your propane tank and reuse it.
  2. You can exchange your propane tank for a new one.
  3. You can take your old tank to a local facility which permits propane tank disposal.

AmeriGas and U-Haul are two locations that offer refill stations so that you can reuse your old tank, and Blue Rhino will allow you to exchange your old propane tank for a new one.  Facilities that allow you to dispose of your old tank depend on the area in which you live.

Below are some resources for different disposal locations in our service area:

York County

Lancaster County

Cumberland County

For any other questions you may have in regards to recycling and items which may or may not be accepted, please consult our recycling guidelines on our website at

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